Another broken dream eating at his soul
He tries to shake it off, but he can't let go
She stalks him in his sleep and steals away his dignity
Now all that's left is a shell of a man who's lost control

Happily ever after until her tank runs empty
The things he knows are wrong now seem so tempting
The mirror tells him lies and messes with his one track mind
20/20 vision but we all see that he's blind

And after all this time, it seems you haven't learned
Dance with the devil and surely you'll get burned

She said "Don't you ever take my name in vain"
One taste of me will wipe away the pain and sorrow of your desperate lonely life

Don't ever turn away and don't you ever take my name in vain

Spinning in this world of doubt
He sees that there's no way out
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In Vain Lyrics

Cascadence – In Vain Lyrics