She wanted him to know that she believed in him
Friends all disagreed with the choice she made
She decided to risk it all on a hunch she believed in
Tried to stand in her way, in her way
We won't give them an opportunity to divide and conquer us
Let's show the strength and passion that connect them to us
These two star crossed souls are in the same state of mind
They'd rather follow their heart than other peoples' lies
If you separated them, they'd never be satisfied
Death is eminent but such a sweet lullaby
If we stand together, they won't stand a chance
Won't stop giving each other everything
They know what they mean
They are all they need, they need
She won't stop and he won't let go
They wanna elope and then grow old
They tried; they gotta fight back or die
We will fight back or die
We will fight back or die
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Running With Scissors Lyrics

Calico System – Running With Scissors Lyrics