You should've tasted the sweetest part of irony
When you tried to place your hate on me
I know it's hard for you to breathe while drowning in shallows
Thoughts of envy, we'll humour your insecurities and protect you from the sky at night
Don't think we won't forget your words until our hearts are realised
You watch darkness creep in fear
Sit back and watch without a care
Today we stand apart from what you've made
To dismantle, to disarm
To tear apart what they've made
We'll never surrender; out black hearts will carry on
No matter what you say, no matter what you do, no matter what we go through
We will not give up our dreams or feel threatened by you
I will decide what's best for me and not be persuaded by you
I'd die before I give into pressure put here by you
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Ballad Of Mr. Gachot Lyrics

Calico System – Ballad Of Mr. Gachot Lyrics