Rebecca Lynn grew up in Carolina
Half a mile from Tucker Cherry's farm
A quiet girl with green eyes full of fire
Her daddy's pride and all her mama's charm
Rebecca Lynn became my heart's desire
Long about the start of second grade
Mrs. Roosenbloom let me sit beside her
So we'd pass notes and after school we'd play

Singing ring around the rosie
Pocket full of dreams and posies
Patty cake and baker's man
Tag your it, kick the can

And I think I hear my mama calling
Gotta go
Man I loved her so

High school days with me and Becky learning what it really means to be in love
Give and take, holding back for Heaven's sake
And fighting for a week and making up
I said please Becky won't you marry me
Prom night in my car out by the curb
She was so surprised, first she laughed and then she cried
And somewhere in my heart I'm sure I heard


Mama flashed the porch light for me
Gotta go
Man I loved her so

When love is wrong it dies and that's the way it goes
But when it's right, your love grows

Laura Jean was born in Tennessee
Now that's a common little miracle I know.
But for me and Becky Lynn she's the dream that started
When we fell in love so many years ago


And I think I hear your mama calling
Gotta go
Oh man I loved you so
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Rebecca Lynn Lyrics

Bryan White – Rebecca Lynn Lyrics

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