I'm still hurtin' from the last time
You walked on this heart of mine
I can't find much to believe in
You let me down so many times
Heaven knows how I love you
But I'm tired of holding on

You better kiss me
'Cause your gonna miss me when I'm gone

Not much chance we're gonna make it
If I'm the only one who's trying
You know I'm running out of reasons
And we're running out of time
Someday, girl, you're gonna wake up
And wonder what went wrong


You're good at going through the motions
All I hear are alibis
Not I get this empty feeling
When I look into your eyes
I don't see a love light shining
I don't know what's going on

[Chorus: x2]

Oh, you gonna miss me when I'm gone

You better kiss me
'Cause you gonna miss me, you gonna miss me, when I'm gone


Oh, you gonna miss me when I'm gone.
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You're Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone Lyrics