I started my day with Corona
Hopin' it'd help me get over
The night that you left
But it didn't help
So I moved on to tequila
Built a pyramid up to the ceiling
Ten glasses high
But I can still hear you sayin' goodbye

It's gonna take more than a margarita
More than a shooter
To blow your memory away
I still need ya
I'm hurtin' without you
Even when I'm feelin' no pain

Well, tonight I'm the life of the party
Jokin' about my broken heart
But it's easy to see
The joke's on me
That waitress just asked how I want it
With or without the salt on it
I shook my head
Either way ain't gonna make me forget

[Chorus: x4]
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More Than A Margarita Lyrics

Brooks & Dunn – More Than A Margarita Lyrics

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