Sittin' in my world alone
I catch myself reachin' for the phone
Gotta get outta here and find a place to get my head clear
I make a wrong turn down your road
And how I got here, I'm afraid I know
A part of me keeps going too far
I can't stop my heart

Yeah it feels what it wants to feel
And it does what it wants to do
I tell it no, then before I know it
It's a right back to lovin' you
I can't stop my heart before it's through
It's gonna break itself in two
I can't stop my heart

I do my best to leave the past
But I can't keep my heart from going back
What am I gonna do, it just remembers what it wants to
And once it lets your memory in
I let myself get swept away again and again
I know it's always tearing me apart
I can't stop, stop my heart

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Can't Stop My Heart Lyrics

Brooks & Dunn – Can't Stop My Heart Lyrics

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