All my life I've searched for power
The ability to do or act
To gain control over the simple lines
To show the wise fiction from fact

Evil dreams
They come to me in my sleep
Evil dreams
They won't get the rest of me

Every day my energy was released
So effective but very deceiving
Hinest expression to cheat the children
Foist upon to leave the mothers grieving

Rip. Tear, shred, bleed, no surrender 'til I'm freed
Threash, smash, evil mind, blood is shed save mankind
Kick, scratch, bite, claw, no matter what it takes
Push, shove, punch, crawl, fighting to be saved
Stand, fight, turn or run, can you take the pain to come
Lust, love, trust, deceit, can you swallow what you eat
Whiplash, bent and twisted, got to stand double fisted
Please believe me when I say it's noso easy on this stage

In just a slight of the hand, authority was gifted to me
Hallucination manifest, who was blind and who could see
The earth was my water, anger filled my well
I was the devil, she was my hell
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Evil Dreams Lyrics

Bride – Evil Dreams Lyrics