I hear the drums pounding to take me away
Toaring with thinder shattering the break of day
And voices chilling me with harmonic terror
This prison remains my hell forever
The marching footsteps of soldiers rattle the walls
Tumbling stones of tribulation the gain quiver of the innocent calls
And the rain fills the cracks made in the ground
By the bombs dropped unexpectedly without a sound
Darkness rolls through the air, blanket of doom shadow of death
Lightning blisters the sky, the lips of the earth to caress
My eyes I will close, one by one they die by violence
I will turn my back to the madness and breathe the silence

There is a town where no man walks
The streets are silent and the walls don't talk
Still in the past a ghost may wait
To open the door or close the gate
And though time has passed them by
A day will come when the sectrets will die
Upon the mountain strong and high
In the darkness the mystery lies

Silence is madness
Silence is madness around the world

Warden misn in ancient halls
People scraping on the walls
A chapter of voices are crying
To the cloudless night are flying
And when you hear the wind whistle and moan
You'll pray for the light to be shown
When the darkness turns to gray
Forever has come and one more day

Upon the air the land is red
Tombstone of the bloody dead
Let the land shine and then will burn
For soon my friend your king will return
Touching the muted hearts that cry
Brings us closer to ta space in time
Sometimes our words are too misleading
When no one smiles and all is weeping
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Silence Is Madness Lyrics

Bride – Silence Is Madness Lyrics