From the very first moment I saw you
That's when I knew
All the feelings I had for you
Were almost so true
Knock me over all so soon
When there's nothing else I can do
Cause lately when I've talken to you
Your eyes are so blue
Like you reached right in to the eyes
You coloured them inside, without going, out the lines. Yea

Come on surely, I'm not alright
Weekend morning, weekday night
Your ready come and see me for real
'Don't Lie Don't Lie'
When I phone you through the day
Your never in you stay away
I just so know you're the one for me.

If I have some influence girl
With the powers to see
I'll have them fire a question at you
Like the one they asked at me
And maybe when your great body's lying
I might see
That all the times I've talken with you
Was always too soon
Now every day seems so incomplete
Till I run from to the room
Say the word now girl
You lied so well, Hey ..... !

Come on surely, that's okay
I think about you night and day
Nothing left to do now
can't I see, 'Don't Lie Don't Lie'
You're the reason I stay around
In the city, out of town
Tell me why you lied so much to me
Don't cry you lied
Thursday morning you did lie
When I have you and you cry
How can I be wrong now, mercy you
'Why did you lie'
Dirty bitches, and a cow
There's no difference anyhow
Surely this heart just belongs to me.
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Don't Lie Lyrics

Brettell – Don't Lie Lyrics