Hang on
Hang on
What do' you say?
You know I've got so much to do
May your time (may your time)
Have faith (have faith)
What do' you say? (what do' you say?)
In Destiny you try to hard

So all of your ways
Are fading away
Just try and not worry
I'll tell you some day
Take some advice
And lead your own way
Just stop trying your hardest

Get real (get real)
Believe (believe)
That your right (I'm right)
You'll never be what you want to be

So take it away
Believe what you say
I try and not worry
Cause I'll see her some day
I give what I can
Not over doing it
Just not trying my hardest

Cause all of this time
I thought they were right
You knew the out come when
You left them last night
Take all you may need
And then start to read
And stop trying your hardest

Believe what you want
Believe you want more than this
You have been told differently
That things will be okay
Take the new words
And have more than your say
And stop trying your hardest

Stop trying your hardest (x3)
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Stop Trying Your Hardest Lyrics

Brettell – Stop Trying Your Hardest Lyrics