What's up baby? It's me and

My plane leave for Kenya in the morning

I wanted to see you before I left

But you're not home so

Well, this is finally my big break, wish me luck

And um, I want you to know

That no matter where I am or what I'm doing

I'll always love you, bye bye

Good bye, it's time for me to go

I'll call you in the morning so I can let you know

The way you really feel boy, put your mind at ease

I don't think I will, if I make it

I still want you to be there with me

1 - I'll be there one day

And you will be right next to me

I'll be there one day

And you will be right next to me

Right here next to me

I wonder, will you be where I am, baby

Will you be by my side, boy?

Or with another girl?

Just wait a little longer boy, I don't know how long

Just try to understand this is not what I planned

I'm so sorry this had to be, had to be

Repeat 1

Boy, oh boy for every man there's a woman

(Every man needs a woman)

It's your lovin' that I choose

And I can't afford to lose you, baby

That's why I swear, I swear to the world

I'll always be your girl

Just say you'll be right next to me

Repeat 1 until fade

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Right Next To Me Lyrics

Blaque – Right Next To Me Lyrics

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