Mmm, yeah baby, ooohh, ohhh

I've got to know what's going on baby

Why things between us, they are so shady

I thought we had, had an understanding

That it would go down when I'm good and ready

1- It was all the simple thing that made

That made me want to get with you, be your boo

Then you started trippin', running game

So now you gotta choose

That's why I'm tellin' you

2 - If you're gonna roll with me, baby let me know

If all you want to do is get down, then you gotta go

Baby I'll let you know when it's right for me

So baby in the meantime I think you need to

Get to know, know, know me

Why you tell me you want to be with me

I feel that it's just a hit and a run my baby

Lately I've been checkin' out the facts

That's why I won't get up on my back

Repeat 1

Repeat 2

[Natina's Rap]

So what? I'm not drivin' a benz like you

So what? I ain't got million friends like you

But uh, Blaque rock a party til' there's no trace

Of the people, of the liquor, of the place, what

And why I got's to snap to keep myself true

Open up the atmosphere, let my storm clouds through

And when Blaque erupts you better throw your hands up

Like some scissors, you all better just cut, uh

Repeat 2 until fade

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Roll With Me Lyrics

Blaque – Roll With Me Lyrics

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