Jenny told Tom that she was leavin'
Never thought it would come to that
Can't you almost feel that old ground shake
All the way from where they're at?

We've had our share of ups and downs
Words that come out wrong somehow
But that don't mean a thing 'cause...

In my heart of hearts
What I'm really feelin'
Is a never-ending love you can believe in
Girl, you're all that matters
In my heart of hearts

It wouldn't be love without the hard times
That's what makes a good love grow
Feelings are all too often hidden
Out of sight where they don't always show

Try not to give it a second thought
Heaven knows just where we are
In spite of words unsaid 'cause...


Sometimes in this busy world we share
I go round and round, like I don't care 'cause...

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In My Heart Of Hearts Lyrics

Blackhawk – In My Heart Of Hearts Lyrics

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