I've broken promises and never thought twice
Sowing seeds of heartache without paying the price
Never looked back to see all the damage I'd done
Just looking out for number one

There isn't much that I ain't guilty of
You see my conscience in the name of love
All I wanted was to fill this hole in my soul
Now I know

All I need, all I need
All I need is forgiveness

Can you find beauty in the beast I've been
Is it too late for me to start again?
Am I worth all the pain that I put you through
You know it's up to you

I wanna step out from the shadows I've cast
It's time to turn and face the ghosts of my past
I wanna make things right that I know, I've done wrong
For so long


It's all or nothing, there's no in between
This is my chance to finally come clean


Is just forgiveness
I mean forgiveness
Sweet forgiveness
Forgiveness, forgiveness
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Forgiveness Lyrics

Blackhawk – Forgiveness Lyrics

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