Second Verse

So you got the fever for the flavor of the other
Chocolate, sasspirilla, or is it you like another
Flavor in my socks
To the curly locks
Black Sheep rollin hard
and kncokin peons out the box
Never have I ever never
ever felt much better
Did the whole nine
on the tenth I was no wetter
Ready and I'm eager
Eager as a beaver
On the radio and good to go
says your receiver
Not to be the baddest
or the oldest nor the wackest
Neither am I needest
or the newest or the blackest
Just a brown fellow
Who's not afraid of Jello
To the people of the world
I would like to say G'day
Had to wait a while
But the while has been waited
Never gave up hope
in myself, nor debated
Didn't shed a tear when I wasn't picked
Cause I got a cone now, want a lick?


Third Verse

Now I catch a number
when before I caught a glare
Now I give a pound
when before I got a stare
Now I guess I kinda got it goin on
I get a wake-up call on the lawn
I used to try and push a demo
Now I have a Coupe
That's a bit more than a little
But then not quite a few
Funny how they find you
when they told you get lost
Tell me why you're grittin
when you have no dental floss
Wasn't my loss
Thought you were the boss?
You never knew how much the Sherbert cost
Forget it, I never sweat it
Your girl will give me play I'll wet it
It only happens just because you let it
Now everybody wants to play my phone
I see em with a spoon
I see em with a cone
You never knew I knew it
but I knew you would pursue it
Hurry up and get a scoop before it's gone

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Flavor Of The Month Lyrics

Black Sheep – Flavor Of The Month Lyrics

Songwriters: Wayne, Mabel / Young, Joe / Lewis, Sam M. / Mc Lean, William / Titus, Andres
Flavor Of The Month lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Universal Music Publishing Group

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