It's cool that we create our mission

Now, relax your body, your soul, let your mind be free
You know Mr Lawnge is hanging so come swing with me
Honey, I'll take you for a ride or better yet ride you
I love to be inside you, so peep the shit that I do

First I'll lick you from your pimples to your corns
'Cause ain't no hoe perfect, that's only in the porns
Come with me and then watch me come
My tip's the only thing that'll make you say humm

Seven, six, five, four, three, twenty-one
Come on, big pussy, come and get some
Without haste, your time I won't waste
But if you want a taste bring your neck brace

I'm extremely long, slow down, you'll choke fast
Tip so big the Heimlich man oeuvre couldn't save your ass
Not to be bragging, your tonsils I'll be tagging
Yes, I'm going to use a bag and guaranteed to keep you gagging

So what's up, honey? No, you don't get no money
But I can tempt your tummy with the taste of nut and honey
The Sugar dick Daddy can
If you do for me I'll do for you, a one-night stand

I'll hit you off, baby, shit I'm not selfish
But I brought a can of fds in case I smell fish
With a flick of the tongue I can trim your hedge
I lick so much c*** you'd think my name was Big Reg

Of course, I'll take you out and wine and dine you first
But, hold up, no drinks, I want to quench your thirst
Now why you blushing, baby, I see you coughing
Itching and scratching at your neck so very often

Tell Mr Lawnge your every need and I'll devote
No, you don't need a Luden or a Halls, I'll coat your throat
You can't deny so don't try to get fly
Or I'll just say bye-bye, you know why?

'Cause it's cool when ya cause a cosy condition
That we create, cause that's our mission
'Cause it's cool when ya cause a cosy condition
That we create, cause that's our mission
'Cause it's cool when ya cause a cosy condition
That we create, cause that's our mission

Aww shit, girl, don't get me starting
I'll put you on your knees and grab your ears like you was Martin
Wet from Moet, she played the piper like a pal
What a great gal with a mouthful of Cristal

'Cause honey saw me romping with the Legion
She wants to feel the pressure on her lower pelvic region
I'll do the things you wouldn't believe, I won't leave you falling
Like niggas that 'get it and come' like their mother's calling

Check it, I'll knee it, I'll feel it, I'll give it crazy joy
'Cause I've been fantasizing 'bout you since Ola Ray was in Playboy
No shit, I'm serious and I want to get physical
And leave you making noises like the sound of a busy call

On the phone, I'm nasty, be sure you wash your hands
Live, I'm playing condoms like it was a rubber band
Inside you, me, inside the plastic
You'll like it when I finish and your legs is acting spastic

Slow down, babes, I'll get a towel for a clean scene
And your uniform, honey, you made the team
Hip hip hooray to you, and all the same
Exercise and maintain for our next home game

Here's to all the bona fide with style
With lipstick on my boxers, I just think of you and smile
You buck wild child, thanks for the love, it's on
The sweaty steam roll, and thanks for not trying to touch my butthole
Now tell your girls I want them to meet my 'lil fren'
Nah, I'm playing, kiss until I see you again
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Let's Get Cozy Lyrics

Black Sheep – Let's Get Cozy Lyrics

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