Slipping thru madness, falling thru time
Looking for light, it's so hard to find
Visions astound me, illusions a tease
Portals come quickly now, adrift on a breeze
Like well worn shoes that fit so well
Friends never die
We're in we're out in between
Waving good-bye
Popcorn Dreams
A pale looking face, invading my space
Granting his curses, giving them place
Nobody speaks names that I know
It's not what it seems
We're in we're out, in between
Waving good-bye to Popcorn Dreams
Popcorn Dreams
Another day of Popcorn Dreams
Waving good-bye
Another night of buttered screams
Smearing the sky
Popcorn Dreams
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Popcorn Dreams Lyrics

Bang – Popcorn Dreams Lyrics