Flowers dotting unlit worlds
Men are searching lusted pearls
Reaching far and grasping quick
Men set out within their ship
Future's gone it's present now
Stars abound to show us how
Find the answer to our dream
Knowing it we'll want to scream
Turn us back we shouldn't go
Our way is blocked our hope is low
Shining thru the beaded glass
We watch the years begin to pass
Backwards further time goes by
From blue to red we watch the sky
Land in masses then steaming earth
Further back to watch the birth
Days are gone it's always night
The sun is blocked from our sight
Giant mountains of harden mud
Poring out earth's molten blood
Further back till all's at ease
A giant hand comes like a breeze
It signals peace it gives us fear
God pulls our plug we're stranded here
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No Trespassing Lyrics

Bang – No Trespassing Lyrics