Tell me what you think about
Maybe settling down.
I wanna know how you feel about
the words coming out of my mouth.
Every time I look at you,
I figure it out.
What I wanted, what I needed,
My reason for breathing.

I remember the first time
That you and I met.
And the look in your eye
Was something that I could never forget.
When you're with me baby,
You never need to pretend.
Tell me what do you need,
I wanna be the reason you breathe.

It's gonna work out just fine,
It's gonna fall right in front of your eyes,
Don't you ever look at the door,
I'll be all you need and more.
And this feeling is so right,
And I hope that you've made up your mind.
Don't you dare look back anymore,
'Cause I'll be all you're longing for.

When I'm holding your hand,
I know that's it's forever and I
Can't believe I'm the one you wanna see before you sleep.
And I need you to know
There ain't no place that's safer honey.
Look at me and believe,
I wanna be the reason you dream.


And I've been waiting,
For you to come along all my life.
And there is no one,
That has ever made me feel this alive,
This alive,
This alive!


All you're longing for
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Longing For Lyrics

Ballas Hough Band – Longing For Lyrics