Girl I can't believe you got me hanging from a thread
Every time you need me you're just messing with my head
Well if you love then you love me baby let me know
And if you don't why don't you leave me baby let me go
You then twist me inside out
Girl you know I feel like I've been waiting for a lifetime
Come around

Do you love me baby
Cause I'm going crazy
Let me know girl if you feel me breaking now
If you want me tonight
I'll be right by your side
And if you don't then I'll be leaving
Right now

How am I supposed to know to know what's going through your mind
Girl you know I wish that we could stop this and rewind
If you want me you'll be there every second and
And you thought that I would never ever be your man
Now the tables are turned upside down
But don't cha know I feel like I've been waiting for a lifetime
Until I come around


I'm tired of waiting
It's taking a toll on me
Girl can you get off you mind- wrong

[Chorus: x2]
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Do You Love Me Lyrics

Ballas Hough Band – Do You Love Me Lyrics

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