I wanted to run
I wanted to hide away
From all that I'd done
And all that I just never had the courage to say
Those innocent eyes
They work on my friends, they never fooled you
So here's my disguise
I'm ready to do what you want me to do
Hey la la la
Away from it all
I'm seeing the signs
I see you draw near
And I've come to my senses
The coming of life
I'm coming in clear
So all that I am
And all that I have left I will give it to you
But it's hard to believe
In a feeling so strong
And a feeling so weak
Hey la la la
How long was I gone?
Just wondering everything from afar
Prodigal son
So won't you take me back home
And into your arms?
Hey la la la
You're all that I wanted to be
You're nothing like me, you're everything beautiful
I was blind, now I swear I can see
In you I am free to be everything beautiful
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Prodigal Son Lyrics

Ashton Allen – Prodigal Son Lyrics