I stood in the shower
Waiting for life to unfold
It could have been an hour
Cause I stood there til the water got cold
So why don't you come on over
So you can treat me like gold
But now please don't get me wrong, honey
It just doesn't seem right
Cause I'm the center of the universe
And I'm all alone tonight
You say that I'm not very sympathetic, you do
Well that's all fine and dandy if everything was revolved around you
So I think you're better suited just making my wishes come true
Cause you don't want to lose what you've got, honey
Please don't get uptight
When the center of the universe
Is here with you tonight
Every day and evening I'm the star of the show
So if you're considering leaving, baby there's something I think you should know
You could be there with me, following me as I go
But you'll have to wait back there, sugar. I'm not impolite
I'm just the center of the universe and the stage is mine tonight.
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Center Of The Universe Lyrics

Ashton Allen – Center Of The Universe Lyrics