If you’ll allow it, I’ll just make it plain,
There’s something I’ve been dying to say.
Just to tell you that I have no plans to go nowhere.

What can I do to make you understand?
You seem to me to be a hell of a man
A pleasure and a joy, they are the things I’ll ever need.

My love, I had a dream you were the ocean.
My love, and you bathe me in devotion.
My love, you knew the answer to the question
I had a dream you were the ocean.

It’s not uncommon when you walk in the room,
Exhilaration sparks and thunder is torn.
A song of paradise fills in my mind the shades of blue.

You see, I’ve never come this distance before
I haven’t found a love much more than a boy
And now our romance is a victory in love, for sure.


Lover, lover,
You’ll always be my lover, lover
Can’t go away, my lover, lover
Give into me, my lover, lover.
My love.

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Ocean Lyrics

Alice Smith – Ocean Lyrics