When he walked out there into the cool air
He knew exactly where he had to go to get it.
No conversation, just fornication,
No indication when he stepped out he will get shot.

Shot in the heart, shot, shot
He didn’t know he will get shot
Shot in the heart, shot, shot in the heart.

She was a wild one, no nine to five one,
She just a riffle on somewhere that he liked to go.
And so he watched her, then he walked over
To get to know her, before he knew it, he was shot.


When you walk and you try
You can expect that maybe off will take your side.
When you go
You can’t control it and you never really know it
In sign, you desire, but you’re giving up on dying.
You don’t expect that maybe love will take your heart.

She had no plans to, no anybody knew
She had decided to take down and be on her own.
But when it came to begin to talk to her
He talked as like he knew her
And when she started she was shot

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Shot Lyrics

Alice Smith – Shot Lyrics