There I was, laid out on a table
Screamin' sweat and bare feet to the floor
In my life, I'd not soften
Things that cut, and burn so often
But I sit, think of somethin'
Scared to face, the dyin' nothin'

[Chorus: ]
See the cycle I've waited for
It ain't like that anymore

Where I go, is when I feel I'm able
How I fight, is why I'm feelin' sore
In my mind, not forgotten
Feel as though, a tooth were rotten
Behind the smile, a tongue that's slippin'
Buzzards cry, when flesh is rippin'

[Chorus: ]

Here I sit writing on the paper
Trying to think of words you can't ignore
In my eyes, what I'm lacking
Score at face, a ten for slacking
Sign the deal, set in motion
Smaller fish, so huge the ocean

[Chorus: Repeat 2X
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It Ain't Like That Lyrics

Alice In Chains – It Ain't Like That Lyrics

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