I live only one time
So why must I waste my life
Part these social confines
And roam till my stars don’t shine

Un-tame my rage, my desires
Evade this cage this incline
Leaving troubles behind
Resolved I now own my life

I’ll subscribe when desired,
Take to give as required,
Shades of grey that define,
Ends subject to divide

Embrace parade your designs
Both flaws and your charms hold high
Delve you’ll find what inspires
Defined by no-one run wild

World is yours, roll on through
Cries endure, smile on through

You can’t control

The end decides when it will come
Enjoy your ride before it’s done
So just let go
And throw yourself deep into
Your fate you’ll find is self-produced
Rethink unfold

I am, so I will
[Don’t wait, till it’s too late, this is all you’ll know]

You can’t control
In the end this life is yours
Don’t waste it on their closing doors
So just let go
You will find your open mind
Rejecting all their callous lies
Your world is yours

Eyes that see through mind awake
Shape a world I calculate
Five senses, my open gate
Free of filters navigate
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I Am, So I Will Lyrics

Absolace – I Am, So I Will Lyrics