From clouds to rain
To untouched constraints
Live through it all
Lose it all, to win all

From earth to your step,
Take to give, to give yourself
Means to your end
Your displaced consequence

In time you’ll find that I’ll reign down
My will I spread, my wealth your bread

I can see it all, it’s almost comical
Your desperate rise to fall
I will own you all

Pull you down, your back I’ve found
An ideal stepping stone
Climb through you, I burn into
Your morals I’ll undo

And when your sun fails to shine
I will be left behind
I will reap and sough the fruits
Of your now darkened land

Wait till I’ve unfolded my masterplan,
Your next move, as I lay you down
I pull myself through/out with your ways and in with mine
I own your schools, and banks
Jobs, your norms, jails, and homes
I plant my flag in you

And everything that you send around
Will race back around just to bring you down
And in it’s wake you will find yourself
Slowly sinking now, your eyes open now
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The Rise Lyrics

Absolace – The Rise Lyrics