"so tonight, I wanna talk to you about the relationship
Between money and peace... "
A lot of people say it's not about money, it's about peace!
It's about money...

You took my heart from me
I'll never be the same
Now killing won't be hard for me
Cause I can't feel a thing

Sunday morning, preacher in the pulpit
Kissed my nanna, I can't listen to this bullshit
It's all good til they ask me for an offering
All we got is pain, so that's all I can offer him
My mama cold, she put me in this cold world
Left me, what I got to protect me?
Oh, I got a 9, yeah I got a 9!
And all this ambition, b***h I'm on the grind
Sky's the limit, 2 for 5′ s the gimmick
You line something up, I tie something up
They run up out that crib with that money, n***a what
School of hard knocks, I'm ahead of my class
With no hesitation put a hole in your a**
See, no it's never my fault when I f**k up
I knock your a** out, to wake you the f**k up
Brass knuckles and my knife: now tell me wassup


I made it to a half a mansion, s**t I thought I made it
Hood b*****s on a n***a, yeah all on a n***a
The d's his the door with the batter ram
I'm standing by the door that's broke, tryna flush this s**t
? Was my n***a started f*****g with that record s**t
Beat me off my money, n***a ran off with my mack 11
I was down, he kicked me when I'm down
When I think about this kid, it fucks my head up right now
You know the same n****s that got me shot killed your brother
And you never did s**t about that, m**********are
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You Took My Heart Lyrics

50 Cent – You Took My Heart Lyrics