(Phone ringing)
Aww man... Who the f**k is callin'?..
I don't even wanna answer this s**t... Hello?

(Man on phone)
Whattup n***a it's Black
Remember me from way back?
We used to go to school together
Man, I got your number from Heather
She said you sell guns, I got beef I wanna see what you got
And if I like it I'll cop

Damm n***a, you hot
You talkin' like you tryin' to get a n***a knocked
What time is it? Man, it's fu***n' 4 O'clock
I shouldn't sell you s**t, but Son, meet me on the block
I ain't got time to waste man, where this n***a at?
I'm in the Brown hooptie, there he go, I see 'em
Pullin' up slow in the bm
I popped my trunk to show him what I'm workin' wit',
First I showed him the Teck
I told him n****s give these s***s respect
But you don't want this, Man
These s***s is known to jam
This is a little smaller here,
And a little more common, 9 Millimeter Ruger
16 shots, hollow points will go through ya
And this? This here? This is a 12 gauge Mossburg kid,
Two shots and you can wet like half a block
This s**t here gets my d**k hard,
It's a Calicko, it holds a Hundred shots
If you can't kill your beef with this you need to stop
C'mon, pick somethin' now n***a, you know it's hot

(Other Man)
Man, stop actin' like that n***a, just show me what you got

Aight, n***a look, I got Two 380's,
One black, one chrome, and 4 glocks
They all hold 21 shots
Look, I done been through all my s**t n***a,
So tell me what you want

(Other Man)
(Click clack)
It's hard to choose man, I think I'll take 'em all

Oh, you gon' do me like that?
I got one more piece to show you, my Deringer,
I keep it in the small of my back
It's a two shot, it's chrome, my initials engraved in it

(shots ring off)
Look at you now, you had to get it
Your bm? I'm takin' it, s**t, you don't need it
Park it where I can watch it at and see if it got low jack
Then take it to the chop shop to my Man Kojak
He gon' give me more cream so I can cop mo' gats
Joe and Duke came through, them n****s copped two Tecks
Said "Don't go by the gamblin' spot, that shit gon' get wet".
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Gun Runners Lyrics

50 Cent – Gun Runners Lyrics