I don't think y'all understand what this is
This is war
And whether we'll ever see
Our loved ones again

And it's a lot of y'all out there
I could never forgive
And I could never understand
Why y'all fuckers did what y'all did

Probably say it was too much
And with it you couldn't live
But I can see through the smoke
That's how I know you a bitch

Should have never let none of that
Come from between your lips
Cause out here its not murder
Just our desire to live

But y'all out here with a cape on
Clueless as shit
Say you saw the whole thing
And he ain't have to do what he did

No he ain't have to go and kill em
He could a let me live
But you must a forgot how many people here
Ed see you dead

And I don't care if he was handcuffed
Than shot in his head
All I know is dead bodies
Can't fuck with me again

And sure we make bad calls
But we don't fold each others hands
Not at war
Cause things gon happen that we'll never understand

Fuck is these people talking bout
Soldiers catchin' charges now
Sure we make mistakes
But every soldier here's a target now

Questioning how we get down
Stand em up we lay em down
All that you can see to do
Ask a million questions now

Why'd we shoot em why'd he die
Only tried to take our lives
Fuck is we supposed to do
Come to far to let him ride

Now your trying to say we wrong
Everytime somebody dies
I ain't trying to let him live
He'll only try a second time

Fuck is really goin' on
Which side is you for
We already getting fucked
And y'all trying to fuck us some more

Probably just to soft
To have ever deployed
Cause y'all the last ones squeezing off
When we are payin' em forward

Got too big a conscious
At war with no heart for it
And I feel for those soldiers
That y'all have deployed with

Cause everytime we are poppin' off
You got to be for it
We can't afford to have a mofucker
Writing his own story

And this is not about right
Its life and what we'll do for it
But some of y'all take for granted
The best option for you

Sure its rules of engagement
But they ain't lookin' out for you
They'll see you dead for you can see death
Walking up towards you

So at times under the pressure
We push the limit
So next time we see our family
Is not a funeral visit

But y'all ed probably see everything
Just a little bit different
That's why y'all handin' out charges
And we already been sentenced


The bottom line is
Everybody can't live
Its not too many fucks left
So we choose the ones we give

And there are none left out here
We have no more feelin
Specially for a country
That smiles the whole time they trying to kill me

But let y'all tell it
Ain't nobody here guilty
You feelin sorry for the same fucker
That ed make you his victim

Letm live after they shot at you
Me, I'ma killem
I'm only trying to make it home
But y'all ed paint me the villan

And no its never that simple
We are forced to respond
While y'all pretend to yourselves
It ain't shit goin on

How many soldiers y'all ed see dead
For y'all sing the same song
Me, I took the gloves off
Soon as I saw one

Cause I fuckin with these people
Its too much on the line
But you must be confused
Please, open your eyes

See it for what its worth
Read inbetween the lines
In this country we are no more than
Sheep amongst lions so we ride

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Integrity Lyrics

4th25 – Integrity Lyrics