92 to 94 percent of you fuckers fall short
Cause only 6 to 8 is or has ever been a soldier before

Sure its cute to imitate our likeness
And never go to war
But the closest you've been to in theaters
With your bitch and some popcorn pussy

I'm trying to believe you
And everything y'all telling me
But I have seen soldiers first hand
And its not what y'all sellin' me

So could you please
Pull your brand from the shelf
And anymore songs identifying you with me
Keep 'em to yourself

Cause though you may have stood behind us
You ain't never stood wit us
Cause I ain't never seen you on the blocks here
When them ambushes hit us

And please don't think
Just cause you bought some fatigues
And run around with your little guns
Playing war back home in the streets

That you could ever in any lifetime
Be a reflection of me
Cause I have deployed to go war
And you ain't got the balls to leave

So for me could you please
Shut the fuck up
And let me know when your done on my dick
So I can zip my pants back up


Walk a mile in my boots
You couldn't make it
Sure you all soldiers at home
But out here you can't fake it
That's why y'all ain't here
Ain't it
Its just easier to act
Hard on credit than it is to make a payment

But I got my receipts
No balance due on my statement
And y'all got to love me
Hear the music and I face it

Its too easy to bluff a hand
And never have to play it
So no y'all are not soldiers
Just cause y'all say it

Look, I'm hearing some things
Right now that I don't like at all
Cause according to destiny's child
Ain't none of us here soldiers at all

And the whole country right now
They just in love with that song
But I ain't hear emsay nothing
But keep using the word soldier wrong

And I've been through too much here
For y'all to use the term so lightly
And these mofuckers they are describing
They are nothing like me

But I'm glad they marketing strategy
Worked while we here dying
Had to now that song ed sell
Shit why the fuck else would they write it

Or was it written before we deployed
And they just retitled it
Turning a garbage song to a hit
Increasing their entitlement

Or maybe I ain't got no taste
Or idea what a soldier is
And maybe their description is dead on
And I ain't here going through shit

Maybe these mofuckers at home
Being soldiers is real shit
And maybe I'm wrong and to be a soldier
You ain't gotta do shit

But sit on your ass
And let somebody else pray those rpg's miss
Or when your country goes to war
Just lay down like a bitch


It's a lot a talk about where y'all from
And who that makes you
Sellin yourself as the hardest fucker
In the world no thank you

Sure you hard on your block
But these streets ed break you
Here its brand name thugs
And y'all some off brand ganstas

Wanna be soldiers
Follow me I'll take you
To see some marines in fallujah
And I hope you make it

Or come visit my theatre
Shit I'll show you some places
But I really don't think
That y'all wanna go where I'll take you

Straight to the shittiest
City on a map
Where you was probably better off
Shootin yourself for we left

But y'all mofuckers so hard
You can't be worried bout that
Shit y'all ed probably hold down
Sadr city all by yourselves

The truth is
I don't hink its enough towels
Cause y'all ed throwem all in
For I could show y'all around pussy

And I'm wonderin
Who y'all gone let fuck y'all now
Hardest soldiers in America
And y'all all layin down

The fuck happened
Thought y'all was ready for war
At least that's what every word outta your mouth
Said you was but

Let y'all tell it
And anythings possible
When the closest y'all been to war
Is only 6,000 miles

Come on now
Y'all can't be serious
And please tell me its more to y'all
Than just smoke and mirrors

I wanna believe you
And everything y'all telling me
But again, I've seen soldiers first hand
And its not what y'all selling me.

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Reality Check Lyrics

4th25 – Reality Check Lyrics