(Verse 1:)

If I tell you that I love you
When the truth is I really hate you
Then I'm not really being truthful
Just don't take it personal

What do you expect me to do
When nothing you say is true
I used to not wanna lose you
But now I'm so glad to be free from you


Its like you always ruin everything
Because you don't care about anything
I remember all the times and the memories
But its time to do a


Solo Thang
I love being without you
Now my life's about to change
Bet you wan't revenge
And I'll be waiting yea

(Verse 2:)

Can't believe I was such a fool
Thought I was better than that
Guess there was something about you
That made me not wanna fall back

Why did it take me so long
For me to finally realize
This whole time I was wrong
Your blood stream is filled with lies


I'm sick and tired of wasting all my time (all my time)
I have better things to do in my life (my life)
To get out of this torture I have to fight
The only way I will survive is to do a

Solo Thang
I used to think about the time we spent
Like the time I said I need a break
I still bet you want revenge
And I'll still be waiting

Yeaaah Yea ooh ooh oooh

Bet you really want your revenge
And I'll be waiting

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Solo Thang Lyrics

Zyia Chism – Solo Thang Lyrics

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