As crazy as at it sounds
My mind was all boring blank empty inside
But since you came around
I forgot all the other things my life
It's like everything changed
Thought it was weird but it feels alright
So won't cha come my way
Then everything will be fine


To tell you the truth
Didn't know it would go this far
Now that I seen you
Gotta figure out where we are
Don't know what to do
Too scared to ask you a question
That's because I see you as


A beautiful distraction
My eyes are locked at the target
It's time for me to complete my mission
Now we got sum started oh yea

I got something to say
But my voice was lost and my tongue was tied
I tried to find a way
For you to know that you caught my eye
I'm so glad I met you
It's like a movie with romantic action
That's why I see you AS


A beautiful distraction
Nothings better than this moment
And I Don't want to end
It's finally perfect yea oh yea


Don't wanna come off strange
But I can't keep it inside
I wasn't ready for a change
Then you made it feel fine
Now it's easier to say
That you're MY

Beautiful Distraction
My eyes are locked at the target
Time for me to complete my mission
Now we got sum started YEA
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Beautiful Distraction Lyrics

Zyia Chism – Beautiful Distraction Lyrics

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