He's a working man with a solid steady hand
And a mind to fight their lies
A mind to fight their lies
But if he's winning or losing he'll never quite decide

He's stubborn and he's foolish a little bit like my
He's part of the union but mostly he don't bother
To put up a fight
Though he knows what's right

Every day's the same
The sun comes up and it fades away
Darlin' I think it's time for a change

I'm tired of all this anger, broken dishes, and alarm
But my heart is breaking, breaking with the thought
Of losing you
To a world that's so untrue

Try to tell myself it's over forget it and move on
But each crack in the sidewalk and stone in the wall
Reminds me of that tired worker's song
And it was our song


They say the dreams of a man must be hard to hide
But we do it so well
Every day from nine to five

It's in the colors of the canyon
The greenest grass and the bluest sky
We were not meant for this
Not meant to live this lie
Still we try

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Tired Worker's Song Lyrics

Zoe Muth & The Lost High Rollers – Tired Worker's Song Lyrics