She found a baby on the back porch
Along with some bad bad news
But with a face like that
How could anyone refuse?
She said don't you cry now, don't you make a fuss
And in good time I'll get used to you

You can come inside for a little while
Just to help me find the ends I've been trying to tie
It'll be easier if I don't try to make you stay
Cause I don't believe in happy endings anymore anyway

Young man you've been tearing your body down
Working all day and staying out late on the town
I know I'm not the only one taking up your time
But the way you love me darling suits me just fine
If passing through is all that you'll ever do
Won't you just stop for a minute so I can take a look at

Bridge: I've been walkin' these streets alone
Looking through windows to see if anyone is home
And into the eyes of the people passing by
To see if I can find a light still on

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Come Inside Lyrics

Zoe Muth & The Lost High Rollers – Come Inside Lyrics