There are men who seek cures for their lives
Antidotes are but easy to find

Symbols obscure, odd food for the mind
Blinkers occlude the smart side of the eye
Theorist stubborn, only codes to make out
Silence holds more answers than I thought

There are things books can't tell
Given schemes don't work well
What's inward: fear of failure
You can't turn lead into gold

Mercury means nothing to me
Salt and kings, dragon wings
Mean nothing to me
Turning dreams into reality
Destiny is all I want to achieve

Once a young man came to me and sighed
"Stop your mouth, your mania is to simplify"
Then he fell silent, his head bent down
After all he couldn't even testify
Well, the world was made for you and I
Alchemy could be learnt in one's daily life
So, the man got vexed with me
But my only care was to keep up the ride

To fail is to learn
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Man Of Theory Lyrics

ZIPPO – Man Of Theory Lyrics