It took four days to get all ready
I woke up on a fucking hot dry day,
That weather was sign to start, to get ready
So, rituals ended with darkness

Next to the porch, Don Juan and myself
Inside the cups, the extract and the paste
I drank the first and I fell on my back.
My heart beat hard and could not breathe enough...

"No time for fooling around"

He told me to undress
Five portions from the paste
To spread over my legs
To spread over my legs, legs

Getting closer to Don Juan
My legs turning into gum
Shrinking, shaking and bouncing, crazy!

I saw the black sky
And the clouds passing me by
I saw the mountain's dark mass
And was incredibly fast, into:

My head controlling direction
Freedom and speed like never before
Dark gave me sad sensations
As if I'd come home:

Night's dark

Later, in the coming down
Swinging like a feather
Got nausea and hit the ground
I got lost again:

Night's dark

I woke up naked in the desert
And I sighted a laughing figure
What a fucking ridicule situation
My clothes in hand, it was my teacher!
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El Enyerbado Lyrics

ZIPPO – El Enyerbado Lyrics