uh, ah, Uh-huh. What
Where? my ladies at Uh?
Where. my ladies at Let's?
do this Uh..... Menage, A Trios style It's.
the 90's and, regular s is** played out I.
need two women at, one time One!
time Verse!

1 (Yukmouth) *What*

take it back to, the day we first met I
see you and your girls buyin purses Lookin
like two Miss Universe's Make
a n anuswanna curse "Shit "!Who
them two b s*****let, me go spit a couple of verses see, if I can Work
it I
dropped some money on purpose You
picked it up an, said "I dropped some" Stop
frontin you can tell from my watch that I got somethin An
that I squat somethin nice pop, somethin nice Up
in the air so elegant You
can tell I pimp but that's irrelavent An
I can tell by the way you and yo girl hang tight That
y'all be doin y'all thug thang at night Somethin
like dikes Ain't
nothin like Two.... girls makin love to each other Ain't
nothin like Two.... girls bustin nuts up on each other Ain't
nothin like Two.... girls at the club rubbin, on each other Ain't
nothin like Two.... girls kissin and huggin on each other Ain't
nothin like Two.... girls juss suckin on you like a sucka Ain't
nothin like Cuz.... we fuckin each other in, a Menage A Trios Chorus.

(Kira) *2x* Can

we get freaky tonight I?
want you and your girl to come by I
like to do Menage A Trios I
like it when you do me do, me Verse.

2 (Tela) *Me*

and you Menage A Trios Bring
along another star Drinky
drinky at the bar We
can freak it in the car You
know how we do it ah You
got to influence her Let
her know which two of us Me
and you and, her and Yuk You
want me to set it up Get
that p y***wet it up B
h***you betta shut it up There
won't be no lettin up You
know what's ahead of us Video
tape no, editors I
be the executive Producer
while y'all s itit up Kissin
up put, the pissin up P
y***like that gotta switch it up I
know what's like dickin up D
lips rediculous, Gotta
get a lil mo' sick wit us Bout
this time I'm bout to bust Spend
up s titlike steaky luck Damn
you know this c is*** hot But
you know what's really hot B
h***you fuckin Rap-A-Lot And
this s titwill never stop For
all my dawgs I'm, gettin y'all in here Menage
A Trios and, enjoy yourself come, on uh, (Chorus)!

*2x* Spend

the night wit me I'll
spend the night with you Ooohh
ooohh Ooohh
ooohh (Spend
the night )!Spend
the night wit me Don't
care what we do Juss
as long as I'm with you Verse.

3 (Yukmouth) *Now*

we can kick it in my 4 point 6 Bangin
"It's All On A Bitch" You
lickin my d k**wit, yo a up** in the air she lickin yo c Nowank
that's the s titYou
wonder why they call me Hugh Heff Cuz
I keep two chicks Runnin
around butt naked in my duplex Screamin
who's next Yup
in this life that I'm livin I
can't escape I'm in love wit two women Swimmin
in two women at once Or
I can relax juss, hittin on blunts While
y'all lickin on cunts get, s titcrunk I
visioned it once then, tweedle-dum I'm in a threesome Wit
me some bad chicks hungry, for d k**so I'ma feed 'em We
some fools off the cool Gone
off Xtacy and mushrooms in the room I
can do it slow or, I can room-a-zoom-zoom Boom... Into!
that p y***like a bullet wound Put
on my Fruit of the Looms And
then I creep out the room (ooooh
if you baby daddy find out what we doin you doomed I'm
out so, I'm out (Chorus)!

*2x* Spend

the night wit me I'll
spend the night with you Ooohh
ooohh Ooohh
ooohh (Spend
the night )!Spend
the night wit me Don't
care what we do Juss
as long as I'm with you (freak.

*talking) Look*

check it out Yuk I
ain't a freak or nothin but, umm I... like to do this Menage A Trios Thing
know (Girl? I like it too shit), You
know doin, it wit you is cool but, umm Wit... yo girl it juss makes Things
twice as good she's, better Umm-hmm.
yeah )!
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