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Welcome 2 Da Bay (feat. Mac Dre, Messy Marv, Numskull) Lyrics

Yukmouth – Welcome 2 Da Bay (feat. Mac Dre, Messy Marv, Numskull) Lyrics

{*Welcome to the Bay!! - background music*}
[Messy Marv]
I'm still out there my nigga you can't tell
Still at the kitchen table cuttin down coke to sell
Still??? Still conduct business through a beeper
With the block under my sneakers
I'm still in it still rappin still winnin
Still hit the damn spot 300 I'm still spinnin
Still rock the mock in lenin
Still up the block hop out and be like
Yo young nigga still in the beef
We ride the high shit we still in the streets
All the gangs still come from the west
I'm still sendin a bitch and shoot shit
Cuz that muck still on my back man still gotta have it
Still the shit and pee pee on you faggots
We still unda the sun
Ask Dre Yuk and Numb take over my nigga
[Chorus: repeat 2X]
Yeah put us back on the map bitch
We put crack on the map
Dope fiends get slapped with a bat
Bitch niggaz get capped with a gat
Let them know where they at
Back to back benz's and Lac's
Real macs bitches on tracks
Real thugs get riches of crack
While the snitches get whacked
Let the know where they at cuz
The home of the crack owners since operation stackover
I've been slappin cowards with the strap holder
Roll with the mob and get mashed over
You got to find your slabs of coke from me
The Flower boys the metro boys nigga
The Richmond boys the Frisco Boys nigga
Sniffin boys shiftin boys click go get embroiled
We ride old school two's and vogues
We ride 2002s on hoes, and the shoes is old 22s
Infoced all on a bitch and we use to lose them hoes
Dippin yokin in the strips of oakland sippin smokin bitches scopin
Wrists is glowin mouth platinum even when my shit was golden
Yukmouth been the shit with flowin
Oakland stand up, wave the grams up
Get the keys to atlanta and hook fam up
In the lam truck I'm the boss like
Tony danza with the police scanner
[Mac Dre]
Runnin from the blacks and whites
On hubcaps and whites
Slangin sacks at night down to the sight
The Bay Area more than cleavit
Ball capped ace dudes gold teeths
From fillmore to the V to the ccc (country club Crestside)
Pimp niggaz play bitches like mp3
Land of the nate shrimp and champagne
Fat dank blunts fresh off the plane
Homie of the vgf and commie
Messy marv, mac dre and the Luniz
And Vallejo theres hundreds of sales
Young niggaz slangin rock from the lunch pail
Mel got me driftin yokin and dippin
In the car from the 60s when I steer
Boy I'm goin to yok at come out here
You might not go back
I've been dope since Felix, blew weed before 5 on it came
And gave the whole world to me, the pay roll to regime
Is how the world should be
All make music niggaz wish they could be
Like numb like yuk like marv like dre gettin loaded everyday
The Bay got an image that took years to earn
Don't come here to bullshit come here to learn
You think niggaz seperated come see the other
It's three money makin niggazfuckin with each other
I've did it with dre like we some bloods and crips
Better know it the Bay is on some hustlin shit
Who pimp like the Bay, I never seen us sippin the Bay
All I know is gettin chips in the Bay
This Yuk this Marv this Dre I'm Knumb
Represent the Bay nigga fuck where you're from
[Chorus:] - 2X
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