[hook :Young Hunnid]
Nigga stop that, nigga fall back all these
Oaf they doing too much.
It too much, it too much, it too much,
It too much.
My function is to rock the planet, rock this
Nigga don't do it too much.

[Verse 1:Young Hunnid]
You idle, you idle, you idle, we dope, we dope
I'm your idol, you my idol.
We throw that shit on his face he go fail
He will fade that a fake nigga.
Come here to chill nigga puff the weed
Laugh people says it will kill you.
Heard you RT thuggin huggin with
Real nigga.

[hook :Young Hunnid] x2
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Too Much Lyrics

Young Hunnid – Too Much Lyrics

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