[Verse 1: Young Hunnid]
You can keep hating me but that can nothing.
I love my funky style and fuck your style.
I'ma bout takeover fall back kid before you got hurt.
Check the face see it not the fake know the facts.
Just keep it cool but don't be cold be hot.
Throw 487 on your face, stop looking at me like that.
Bitch you annoying and
You seems to enjoying this shit.
Fresh young black nigga hang with a bad gang
That a AK487

[HOOK: Young Hunnid] x3
Bang bang on your face it me being bad, bad gang
Bad gang... gang... bad hang with them.

[Verse 2: Young Hunnid]
Young nigga need a to back on this thang.
Hurt it from the back cause it heal easily as bad gang.

[Hook: Young Hunnid] x2
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Bad Lyrics

Young Hunnid – Bad Lyrics

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