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Super Star Lyrics

Young Aux – Super Star Lyrics

Intro:[Young aux]

I put my shades on,they say your future is
Bright and uhh a whole latta shit like that

Verse 1:[Young aux]

They say time flies fuck it mine'z sky
Diving skate border attitude I'ma start the
Dunking I'm in the beamer doing donut's on a
Sunday you ain't really fly I'm the 1 who's getting
Air-play haters I don't see em like I'm stuck on
Stevie wonder mode shout out to the realest
Nigger's listening and out to em ho's yeah and this
The best worst feeling you can hate on me cause I
Swear I ain't worth a million i been rapping and
Ain't about ta drop non I'm always doing me!that's
Why I'm the hottest yet to come haters wanna
Hate all you'll get is just a phd see me doing me u
Can download it on H.D kick flip jack duffle bag in
My right hand i write on white pages I don't really
Use a white pen ...alata niggers ain't worth it
Nigger god damn and yeah we've come from far
And so I really, really got them god damn they
Said money wasn't everything I guess it is to me
Cause its the reason why I'm smiling hd cameras
Poking everywhere if this the life I'm spose ta live
Then nigger this is not fair...


You are what you are a su_per_star
Yeah you are what you are a. su_per_star
A su_per_star!

Bridge:[Young aux]

I remember this one time you know,I used
To chill at the grounds at the school grounds,it
Was like me,exo,switch and G-blunt you know,and
Niggers used to ask me questions like eyo ox what
The fuck are you really gonna continue with this
Music bull-shit untill the end of time?cause,we
Weren't having success back then you know what
I'm tryna say its like....

Verse2:[Young aux]

Uh! I really wanted to leave school
And do music with all the pressure I felt like I was
Bout to loose it i quite dat bullshit now rap is just
Music and all dat equipment in switches room we
Moved it! snap back co jay she's an android how
Am I spose to manager a manager who's on
Steroids this is what they ment when they you
Must hold on my whole crew they got hope but
For how long we a team but sometimes it doesn't
Feel like it all the success thru hard ship we are
Part of it and this is me ill still be me I will not
Change with it BME till the mada fucking death of
It! i be chillin in all classes with G blunt im
Celebrity dat duznt need c plus i took ma report
Card and sharved toilet and plus I took ma teacha
And hanged him by his ball on the horn of a


You are what you are a su_per_star
Yeah you are what you are a. su_per_star
A su_per_star!


Yeah I guess I really am a superstar,its
Unbelievable,I mean it took us so,I ownt know,its
Been hard man,it aint easy being us u
Know,everyday we hustling and grindin,we'v
Come so far to be here man,we couldn't do it all
Alone,shout out to androids,BME,G-
Blunt,Gizz,Jaylove we got love for you niggers
Man,peace out,we all super stars
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