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Shot Lyrics

Young Aux – Shot Lyrics


Bad Man pressed un thee wrong button
These uh Tsiga man pon these place know soh
Representing Young Black and Gifted pon
Young Aux, Rigga Mortis more fire be dam aan
Weird aan

Yeah (laughs)
You tuned in to Young Black and Gifted


I'm Thinking of getting that water out of the slaughter house
We now official we hiding money under the couch
I'm thinking of getting of getting my mom a whip and a house like brian mac night
For that to be possible I need to hustle tonight!
So many of them nigga's thinking like me but non of them go and get it
And when I get it they start the hating this shit is pathetic

I'm copping Adidas I am no prince
My djilla I'm fit to be king
Wish you done seen what I've seen
Been where I've been
My nigga I deserve to king

Young aux
Stop that
Aint no nigga like Gizz
Mother fuckers better
Stop that
Drop that
Drop that
Stop that
With a nigga like Aux
Everybody gonna Cop that
Rock that
Snap back fitted on my nephews dome
Used to sell that crack off my uncles phone
Now a nigga big like my nephews dome
Rolling in your city like a rolling stone.


It's hard for a black man
Always grinding sweating for the white man
It's hard being a black man
All I know is making money for the white man
I've been grinding for days Jah been making money till the day I reach the grave
I've been praying for days running from my struggle hoping we gone find change


They thinking we made it
But this the beginning
Thought I was faded
I guess you were dreaming

I'm the best new chancer alive
I put that on grand dad grave

It's a blessing to become a blessing my Father would set it in stone
I grind hard making moves all on my own

Watch me
Grinding like a slave all day
I'm unsigned like fake checks on pay day
White man cuffin us
Is this how it feels to be free?
We earning peanuts that's why my verse's come with a FEE
Ain't nothing changed we still blinded by all these civil rights
For things to be possible we need to HUSTLE TONIGHT!

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