I love you, my sweetheart
My deep heart, I love you
As I looked into your eyes
I found little of me in you.
But is that real or illusion, I donot know
When I come out of my house
I will find you inside my view
When I close my eyes
I see you, because I love you...
Thus your thoughts inside me drives me so, crazy
That I will view your smiling face from my screen of window.
When I sleep lately, I think of you, I dream of you.
Why you are so, lovely to me, oh my dear love.
I want to offer a proposal to you but I am
Afraid as you are smaller than me and you
Call me brother oftenly.
Reason of my loneliness is you
Reason of my madness is you
Oh, I love you, my dear, oh dear
I love you.
So, much, so, many, oh, I cannot describe it
So, I conclude it
End it, finish it... Lastly, I love you... Eternally...
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My Real Love Of My Real Life Lyrics

Yogya Parsai – My Real Love Of My Real Life Lyrics