Eve of history and the king of her
Knows fight for the cruelty created by the evils.
On to the top of my voice the laments
Humbled down to my heart, forehead
Till my feet.
Blue nature curled on me and set my
Destiny noone but me myself fought
With fierce intent of the goddess of solid weapon.
The five pointed stars called me down
Where my kins went and got to go and
Climb up to heaven, up to a beam of light.
Delightful blazes flamer and
Those who just barks, the furs just burns with filthy smokes and smells like
A regular c***.
Late september now arrived for my life
And all the sins to remove from my
Blood... Removing... Erasing... Deleting... Me and my
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Removal Of Filth Lyrics

Yogya Parsai – Removal Of Filth Lyrics