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Eagle's Fly Lyrics

Yaway Martian – Eagle's Fly Lyrics

Dem birdie bird you we're made to fly like an eagle now the world got you
Cripple pitch perfect the riddle performing cage down on the bed for a
Needle can you sing me a beetle

[Verse 1]
Pull up on that dash every bitch swear they know me
Pull up with cash take your bitch now she know me
Prayed 100 racks get you close to Jehovah
50 nikka deep rolling down with a rouga
Hater waving cause I been masculine
Picture me rolling on a jags on my crippled times
Tensed by the hate you gave
Musty it takes strength and will to bake a cake
Skiddle sacks hoodie up Martin like I liberate

[Verse 2]
Mobin on your block seating pretty
With a couple Huns bitches screechin bossed out
Dead wills turned to hope
My clic run this town
Red stain on your fucking coke
That's fucking dope blood of king don't strains
We all fucking crooks tumpline
Fools that will reap heaven sent apart
For there neverland
Dark shade up like Aleister Pike
Your never learn flip them birds will make fly
My wills is forever pure bxtch

[Verse 3]
Cocaine​ flows looking like I ejaculate
I'm mackin it fortress for takes
Posting fake cakes you never vacate
Peanut butter punch I inmate
On every range I got connect
Now we stepping it, bitches crippin
Tryin to sneak a peak, stand for cause
Stain first cuz all red under smug
Looking like im blooded dumbed it up
For your chick's sloppy top under rug
I got more bars it barks like the 7 trumpet

[Verse 4]
We grind to an army base bands on bands
Bitch I ran with three strikes omni chest
Yet I never missed a hit, playing ghost
They got no balls, it the silver stars like The LTG
I feast together with my clic
We sheds the last bread, I'm one with dosen
And that's real love I tossed my bitch off
When you point her
When the rule's band the bills gets stain
Outlaws move in codes that's Street talk
For yall gums we Scarface
We are marked from the start
So i let my path tell a tail
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