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Bout Da Band'Z Lyrics

Yaway Martian – Bout Da Band'Z Lyrics

[Verse 1]
I'm about my bands every night countin hunnid
Put that on da summer ima blow by winter
Shorty with an ass toss that shit by sun down
Me about my bands every night countin hunnid
Riding on a Benz drop a bag for Tha fronna
Capped it cause I wanna tripped and now a gonna
Trippin puffin claiming she love me marijuana
Heard a nigga dope, she cocky for that dtroat
She ate it slow smocked a nigga eplant
She's chyllier on that zero
Ain't know me hero enemy nearer
Foggin my mirro oops I mean widow
Bounce it like you dribble
Throw it down throw me up bring it back
Yea shorty gunna clap back rotating
Brain like the tree of knowledge
Hot like you favorite star front ima let em blas
Put a screw on a fool
My youngen holdin tools keep it cool

Gang shit gang shit, crippin with a fiend on a night shift
Night shift she pretty liftin on that skirt shit
Scratch shit me I'm strappy on that common
Doubt it lama twist your faith when bless ya

[Verse 2]
Ima about my bands well trap you on any conna
Strapping from winter to see next summer
Colder then polar bear heart In arctic
Two arc strap, vicious cycle
Blasted an Oracle calling out fallen leaf
Til i see tree top, rooted up sliding through
Smooth n more bigga
Won't cease till morning star mashing flashing
I be flusting ain't no bluffin turn em to a cuffin
If he cuffen my birds fly free soaring in the great north
Im staying truth till you pussy nigga bear me
Your bitch here thoting you be tatting
Mine a dime beggin i drop a bag call a cab
Cap a lean now she in my bedroom twerkin
She know straight Don she in Eden
Praisin her body nightly nailing her body
Ain't no sinnin, just seaking in sunshine
She seeking for that perfect dose
Those grip drip dopely go sleep easy
Don't trip it done deep with be flexing
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