I can remember that day of November
He's gone away and he left you in sorrow
I was s poor boy without a conscience
You took my hand and embraced me so strong

Remember the promise
I made to you when I said
I'll never be a coward, like be was

Took at me from the land of the angels
Look at me at the man I became
Look at me from the earth of immortals
You know how much I need you, by now

Now I know what you felt that November
I just want you to see me again, once again
I'm feeling so excited, I'm going to keep my promise
I've left the house where we lived penniless

You look my hand and said that: I'd never be like my dad
You were the man but you gave me a caress


Need to feel just your sweetest caress


When the sun shines on earth I'll start my day for you
Alt I do is for you till the time I'll be with you
I keep my promise, I'll never be untrue
In my life I just want to be like you
Day by day keep my promise for you
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The Promise Lyrics

Wonderland – The Promise Lyrics