You thought you'd never fall in love
You closed your heart with double lock
And than I came and made it true
You've lost all hope to find a way
To start again you'd never guessed
To meet a man who doesn't lie

You really give yourself and more
You give your soul but have to learn
To listen to your heart when it needs to fly
Ivory fear inside your life
You can defeat, I don't tell lies
Wipe away the tears and start to smile

Hug me, hold me tight
And show me the free spirit in your heart
Let it no, I know you can
Hug me, trust my words, come with me
Break the barriers of your cage
Let it go, I know you can

I can find you when you hide
Take my hand when you're loosing your mind


Raise your wings and start to fly
Cut the chains and free your mind
Raise your wings, make me try
Help your heart feel the sky
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Raise Your Wings Lyrics

Wonderland – Raise Your Wings Lyrics